World Cup Songs: #2 Noble England by Rik Mayall

Posted by - April 23, 2010 - World Cup Songs

Another unoffical anthem

A World Cup song by Rik Mayall? Yes, I wasn’t quite sure how that would sound either. It turns out it is more like a piece of drama set to music.

The Young Ones and Bottom star (very appropriately dressed for today) recites a reworking of the words of Shakespeare’s Henry V.

It doesn’t really do it for us, but it is available to download on Monday if it is up your street.

  • World Cup odds man

    I’ve always liked Rik Mayall, but I’m not sure this is for me… Give me Three Lions any day of the week.

  • Dean @

    When the FA announced there would be no World Cup song, they forget to say they meant from anyone.

    Still only ‘World in Motion’ or ‘Three Lions’ that stand the test of time for me.

  • jill

    I remember Back Home like it was yesterday, don’t make them like that anymore! Although, it’s only my 2nd favourite song, my first being Three Lions.

  • Neil philips

    Good Effort Rik, I love it and brought it!
    I’ve release a cheesey Party England Song With
    80s Party legends Black Lace, Called We Are The England Fans in support of Help for Heroes! Like Riks we have come up with A catchy easy to remember song!
    But due to 3 lions being so big and successful back in 1996 & 2000 every new England song is knock back and not given a chance. I really hope that A new England song stills all of our hearts and it makes it As big as 3 lions and vinderloo for this years world Cup! There are some very good England songs being released please check us all out on

  • Matt James

    My Favourite World Cup single – Jeff Christie -Hat Trick Of Lions (Come on England)

    Remake of the classic Yellow River on its 40th anniversary

  • Tempie Briare


  • kingharold

    A good song, but there are others that are better.
    I saw this one this morning.
    Cliff Portwood and members of the 1966 World cup squad sing it.
    What a great tune and singalong chorus.
    Looks like a real supporters song to me.

  • Noris Cole
  • Noris Cole
  • Phil N

    Check out Goldblade’s ‘England’s Still Dreamng’ – Real rabble rousing sing-a-long and available for FREE download from