Video: Millwall fan takes left hook from policeman

Posted by - May 17, 2010 - Football videos, League One

The long arm of the law

There were some unfortunate scenes at the League One play-off semi-final first leg between Huddersfield and Millwall. Unless you are a fan of watching Millwall fans being punched in the face by policemen, in which case you will find the video above very pleasing.

It is impossible to know the ins-and-outs of the situation from so far away, but we would imagine the bobby’s bosses will want to know why he thought a punch to the face was the best way of dealing with the mouthy Millwall fan.

  • Rob

    What a tough guy that kid is, mouthing off and walking backwards at the same time.

  • Phil

    But what a tough guy that policeman is with the full weight of the law and a big stick he picks on the little guy. Its o.k. no murder inquiry this time.

  • Liam

    If the little sod if old enough to mouth off he’s old enough to take a punch or two.