World Cup Kitman: Slovenia home

Posted by - May 27, 2010 - Kitman, World Cup

This summer’s hottest footy fashions

Team: Slovenia

Maker: Nike

Prem personalisation: Robert Koren.

Verdict: Rounding off the Group of White Kits aka Group C is Slovenia. You will be able to keep a close watch on whether their World Cup dream is flat-lining with the help of this handy cardiograph. Puts me in mind of the uniform for gym staff at an alpine retreat.

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  • Enrique

    You got the players a bit mixed up there. They’re Algerian.

  • The Beast

    WAAAAAY. You just got punk’d!

  • Joe

    The heartbeat line is back! Despite some allegations that it’s ugly, I like the fact that Slovenia at least hasn’t resigned itself to a plain, boring, white and green jersey.

  • Dublin Kopite

    Looks like Charlie Brown’s away kit…

  • Ab83

    I think it’s a very unique design that represents Slovenia very well. The trianagles are actually a representation of Slovenia’s emblem or symbol which is “Triglav”, a series of three mountains where the middle one is the highest peak in Slovenia. Triglav can also be found on their national flag.

    It is certainly better than all the other whites that don’t mean nothing.