World Cup Name Translator: John Two Saints

Posted by - May 25, 2010 - Name Translator, World Cup

Making sure you know your Thierry Henrys from your Terry Henrys

Sometimes in football one saint is just not enough. To really succeed at the top level you need two saints. And even that might not be enough to help you succeed in the Premier League.

Just ask John Two Saints aka Giovani Dos Santos.

  • Marcamps

    actually, it’s John Of The Saints. yes, Gio is Mexican, but his father is Brazilian, therefore he has a Portuguese surname. and in Portuguese, “dos” does not mean “two” like in Spanish (two in Portuguese is “dois”); rather, it is a contraction, which combines the prepositions “de” (‘of’) and “os” (plural of ‘the’). “de” + “os” = “dos”.

    so yeah…

    Just ask JOHN OF THE SAINTS aka Giovani Dos Santos.


    What a great game, I can’t believe France did that.