World Cup Songs: #5 Three Lions 2010 by The Squad (featuring Robbie Williams and Russell Brand)

Posted by - May 17, 2010 - World Cup, World Cup Songs

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Oh hello. What have we here? Three Lions is back. We are 14 years down the line from the original and 12 years have passed since the last remake. In that time 30 years of hurt have become “all those years of hurt”. Also new on the scene are some operatic vocals, and singing from Russell Brand and Robbie Williams.

Frank Skinner and David Baddiel’s vocals survive the cut although their roles have been chopped back to make room for the new boys. Does it add anything you couldn’t get from the original? Probably not. Does it still make your hairs stand up thinking back to 1996? Of course.

  • jill

    Can’t see many fans singing this version, the last note is way too high for your average fan! Also, thought Robbie would have enough talent to write his own song.

  • kingharold

    I agree with the above comment. Been scanning YouTube and came across this gem from “Cliff Portwood and members of the 1966 world cup squad”.
    Really catchy tune and seems a real supporters song for the pubs and terraces.

  • George Dragon

    Move over Robbie and Russell we need something new!

    Never underestimate the love of an Englishman for England! The England World Cup song `Green Fields of England` by George and the Dragons.

  • stephen smith

    bit flat but cant knock the original check out stevie cash song now its for england on you tube