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World Cup Songs: #6 Wayne Rooney Is Our Hero (The Irish World Cup Song) by the Corrigan Brothers and Shay Healy

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  • OmegaSupreme

    Would have preferred a death to Henry ditty but fair play.

  • Dylan Tooby

    Hahaha, class. The irish always seem to have the best songs.

    And why you hating Omega? Henry is the man, if you don’t like Henry, you don’t like football. In his prime he was one of the bets players the game has ever seen. Great goal scorer.

  • George Dragon

    Never underestimate the love of an Englishman for England! The England World Cup song `Green Fields of England` by George and the Dragons.
    Hear it at

  • john lemon

    Not bad but have you heard or seen the video to the World Cup Song – I Gotta Feelin’ (In Me Waters) by Juice Doctor feat. John Lemon (yes thats me)

    A competition is being run in relation to the video at

    Big up!