Carlos Tevez comes out with unnecessary confession about his offside goal

Posted by - June 29, 2010 - Football videos, World Cup

Carlitos ‘fesses up

Carlos Tevez has revealed that he knew he was offside when he scored Argentina’s opening goal against Mexico on Sunday. The controversial goal – the second poor refereeing decision that day, if I remember correctly – caused Mexican outrage when it was replayed on the big screen in the stadium.

Now Tevez, seemingly concerned about a Thierry Henry-style backlash, has issued a full and frank confession.

He said: “At first I thought the referee was saying that it was not a goal, then I saw the signal and I started (celebrating) and I was happy. I know I was offside, I know it was selfish but as long as they say it was a goal it’s OK for me and the team.”

To be honest, Carlos, I think you are OK on this one. There is a reason that deliberate handball is a booking and deliberate offside is not (otherwise Filippo Inzaghi would only have made about four career appearances).

In this instance, you have concealed anything or been devious in any way. I think it is fair to expect the referee and linesman to pull you up for this.

  • Neil Crosby

    A ridiculous headline to this story. It is entirely the responsibility of the officials to get this right. Tevez admitted he thought he was offside but in no way can this be considered to be an unnecessary confession.

  • Dylan

    Good on him for confessing but It its in the past and can not be changed.

    He did the right thing by finishing the goal.

    The linesmen was obviously behind the play and possibly cost mexico the game. They were off to a good start but after that one slowly crumbled.