Competition: What can you conclude after the first round of matches?

Posted by - June 17, 2010 - Competitions, Conclusions

Tell us your conclusions, win a t-shirt

Hopefully you have been enjoying OTP’s conclusions on the World Cup matches so far. Now you have seen all the teams in action we are throwing it over to you.

Our friends at ShotDeadInTheHead have given us one of their fantastic t-shirts to give away to the author of the conclusion that has us chuckling the most. You can choose from their great range of World Cup-themed t-shirts or retro mascot range.

So get to work: we want to know what you can conclude after seeing every team play at least once. We will pick a winner later today who can pick a t-shirt as their prize.

  • ken wilkinson

    And the score after the open world cup rounds is-Football Entertainment-0 Vuvuzelas 1

  • Brian

    With Argentina being the only team to come out strong against an Asian nation, clearly Maradona is utilizing Hello Kitty in his training methods.

  • Marko

    I have concluded that it was no surprise to me to hear that the germans have been practicing with the new world cup match ball for 6 months and other countries have not…

  • Jared

    1. Even those who don’t seem to mind the incessant droning of the Vuvuzelas are talking about it in apologist tones. It’s time that FIFA step up and do something about the atmosphere killing trumpets.

    2. With the exception of Germany, every other team looked about as good as your average MLS squad. From 1998.

    3. Rob Green shouldn’t feel so bad, what with the company of Faouzi Chaouchi, Justo Villar and Mark Paston joining him in the shamed goalkeeper’s lounge.


    5. The company with the rights to broadcast the matches needs to realize that watching 10 minutes of super-slo-mo replays a match, mostly of players standing around looking upset about the shot they just missed does not make for an entertaining experience. The only exception to this was the 15 seconds spent on David Beckham’s grimace after the USA goal.

  • Dean Lloyd

    When offered the chance to use the proposed official match ball in advance, you really should take it!

  • Dublin Kopite

    Simple… You can never write off the Germans

  • hollis

    “FIFA World Cup: South Africa 2010 – …….”

    Soz, got arrested for violating FIFA’s intellectual property laws before I could type a non-approved slogan.

    Free the Bavaria Beer Two!!!

  • Art

    Vuvuzelas, Jabulani and Chile. The rest is there to forget.

  • jill

    I loved the Beeb reminiscing Italia ’90! Would have liked to see one of Jurgen’s many dives!

  • Rob Parker

    We’re going to give that to Dean. Congratulations, a t-shirt of your choice will be with you shortly.