Cristiano Ronaldo compares his goalscoring to tomato ketchup

Posted by - June 14, 2010 - International, Oddballs, World Cup

Heinz Meanz Goalz

Saucy Cristiano Ronaldo might be a Real Madrid player these days, but he’s still a red at heart. The Portugal winger, without an international goal for 16 months, has compared finding the net to tomato ketchup.

He said: “Goals, as a football legend once told me, are like ketchup. Sometimes, as much as you try, they don’t come out and when they come, many come at the same time.”

OTP is not entirely convinced that isn’t a cunning ploy to get a team-mate to hold him upside down and smack his bottom.

  • Mohamed S.

    I think Higuan once said that Ruud Van Nistelrooy told him that same exact saying and since RVN and CRon have played in two clubs with each other then it’s pretty clear who the legend he’s referring to is.