Fabio Capello gets stack of motivational DVDs to help with his team talks

Posted by - June 10, 2010 - England, Oddballs, World Cup

DVD rental company gives Fab Cap some inspirational inspiration

Fabio Capello has been sent a series of DVDs providing material for his team talks after a poll to find cinema’s most inspirational speeches. DVD rental firm LOVEFiLM conducted the survey and has now shipped the top DVDs to England’s base in Rustenburg.

The poll was topped by Al Pacino’s speech from Any Given Sunday, which worryingly is the preferred pre-match team talk of former England boss Steve McClaren. In second place was Viggo Mortensen’s Aragorn from Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

Also of concern was the third-placed film – Mel Gibson’s ‘Freedom’ speech from Braveheart, which is not exactly known for its ability to motivate Englishmen. The top 10 sent to Capello are:

1. Coach Tony D’Amato: ‘Inch by inch’ speech (Al Pacino) Any Given Sunday (1999) – 18%
2. Aragorn: ‘Black Gate’ speech (Viggo Mortensen) Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003) – 16%
3. William Wallace: ‘Freedom’ speech (Mel Gibson) Braveheart (1995) – 15%
4. Mikey Walsh: ‘Down here it’s our time’ speech (Sean Astin) The Goonies (1985) – 12%
5. Rocky’s speech to his son (Sylvester Stallone) Rocky Balboa (2006) – 10%
6. King Leonidas’ ‘This is where we hold them’ speech (Gerard Butler) 300 (2006) – 9%
7. John Keating: ‘Carpe diem’ speech (Robin Williams) Dead Poet’s Society (1989) – 7%
8. Rick Gonzalez: ‘Our deepest fear’ speech (Timo Cruz) Coach Carter (2005) – 5%
9. Elizabeth Swann: ‘Hoist the colours’ speech (Keira Knightley) Pirates of the Carribean: At World’s End (2007) – 4%
10. Jerry Maguire: ‘Help me help you’ speech (Tom Cruise) Jerry Maguire (1996) – 3%

Shame he’ll have to post them all back tomorrow to get his money’s worth!