How to keep Americans interested in the soccer World Cup

Posted by - June 15, 2010 - Football videos, MLS & US, World Cup

What a day for Landon

Hey, don’t forget to check out the Lucky Charms Rainbow Tracker to see just how far Tim Howard’s goal kick travelled.

  • adamf

    Unfortunately, that’s better than ITV’s coverage

  • Jon

    That is really funny. It is really quite sad how true this is for most of us Americans. I must say that the beautiful game is catching on more and more all the time in the states.

  • Bill

    My worst fear – but it will happen..sadly it will happen.

  • Sanscar

    needs more cheerleaders. Hey Bill.

  • F.shaker

    I think to generate interest in ‘soccer’ you would have to show a back to basics documentry showing the skills of such players as George Best, Pele,Maradonna in their prime also by showing Football games from the seventies where the games were so ruthless and entertaining from the English premier leagues.

    Football is a beautiful ballatic game that needs time to be understood not the quickfire razzamatazz of Americanfootball, basketball or baseball( overthe top and overdone) At its best football or soccer can literally give you a heartattack if you are routing for your team that have not scored yet at its worst it can be like watching pingpong with the ball going from one side of the pitch to another but get a player that has so much skill it can be magic to watch.