Marcel Desailly holds Jim Rosenthal’s hand, dances with him

Posted by - June 28, 2010 - Football videos, Hard Tackle, World Cup

The most patriotic Ghanaian to shun his country gets over-friendly

Marcel Desailly’s work for ITV has undoubtedly been among the most entertaining broadcasts of the World Cup. You can usually rely on him to be extraordinarily happy and excited to the point of incomprehension when Ghana are around.

But his efforts following Ghana’s win over the USA were particularly special as he got up close and personal with Jim Rosenthal.

With people in Rosenthal’s ear informing him that Desailly’s microphone isn’t working, the presenter grabs the ex-Chelsea man’s mic and encourages him to share. But when he offers Desailly his microphone, he suddenly finds the World Cup winner’s paw clasped around his hand.

An awkward looking Rosenthal soldiers on and Desailly eventually realises there is no good reason for them to be holding hands.

Things then go relatively smoothly until the end of the interview when Desailly begins dancing a little provocatively with Rosenthal!