Patrice Evra blames vuvuzelas for France’s 0-0 draw with Uruguay

Posted by - June 13, 2010 - France, Oddballs, World Cup

Man Utd left-back finds scapegoat

Patrice Evra has become the first player to blame a poor World Cup performance on vuvuzelas. The left-back managed to pack two excuses as to why the droning trumpets were responsible for France’s disappointed 0-0 draw with 10-man Uruguay into a short quote.

He said: “We can’t sleep at night because of the vuvuzelas. People start playing them from 6am. We can’t hear one another out on the pitch because of them.”

Wow, vuvuzela double whammy. We will overlook the fact that it is the same for every team, Patrice.

  • GBo

    Please point out where Evra ‘blames vuvuzelas for France’s 0-0 draw’?

  • Joe

    They’re just annoying, make the game sound like it’s being played in a bee hive, while drown out singing fans who give the game actual atmosphere.

  • Half-time Whistle

    Heh, I mentioned this article in my blog. Truly bizarre to blame their inability to score on a horn. Surely Ribery’s wayward passing or Anelka running away from the penalty area at every available opportunity contributed more to the draw?

  • Nursery Decoration

    in the next world cup, i would try to be so energetic and i would cheer all day for my favorite team *””