South Africa’s World Cup warms up

Posted by - June 17, 2010 - Adverts and Commercial

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South Africa geared up for the first ever World Cup to be held in Africa and so far there’s a lot of excitement with football fans from around the world. Bookmakers and online casino providers are also noticing a rise in activity among people interested in sportsbook betting on the tournament.

Because of somewhat high crime rates in South African cities like Johannesburg the South African authorities have made huge efforts to clean up the city and rid it of crime. The huge influx of tourists and football fans from around the globe is expected to generate a lot of revenue and bring a positive image to a country with a troubled political past.

The World Cup is certainly helping cities like Johannesburg get a facelift as huge amounts of money is being spent to clean up the city. Yet there are still some fears among seasoned football fans that visiting the country could be risky.

The FIFA World Cup takes place every four years and is a momentous occasion for those who enjoy trying to predict who will win everything from qualifying matches to the cup itself. It offers a break from standard Internet games that are so
popular with millions of players like online slots for example.

So for those fans who can’t actually make it to South Africa to see the games in person they can still enjoy watching it from home and trying a few side bets or even office pools together. It’s just another way to ramp up the excitement.

As South Africa hosts the hordes of people visiting from around the world, the police have had to be ready for some of the challenges that come with football club rivalries that only seem to intensify when nations go head to head. Before the tournament the authorities deported 10 Argentines because they were planning to disrupt some of the events scheduled to take place during the World Cup. They were reported to be members of the infamous "barras bravas" – football hooligans known to instigate violence at football matches.

In 1986, 1990 and again in 1998 the "barras bravas" helped spread mayhem and violence at those other World Cup events taking place in different countries around the world. South Africa has prepared the police force to deal with such hooliganism in order to help ensure that the matches and corresponding events run smoothly and peacefully, but thankfully all the matches have passed off without trouble so far.

It will be the first time for many visitors from around the world to visit South Africa and the country is determined to make a good impression.