Telegraph journalist Henry Winter comes under attack from baboons

Posted by - June 4, 2010 - Oddballs

World Cup primate control

Top footy journalist Henry Winter had his breakfast disturbed this morning when he found himself in the middle of a baboon gunfight. Keeping his Twitter followers updated with the latest twists, the Telegraph writer has given a blow-by-blow account of the battle.

The first sign of trouble came at about 7.30am South African time when he reported: “At Sun City near England camp. Sun rising but early-morning dip freezing. Baboons circling breakfast.”

Then it really kicked off: “Baboons everywhere, grabbing bread off table. Kitchen cats hissing at them & staff seeing them off with pebbles & paint-ball gun. Score-draw.”

Next, the baboons were outed as sugar junkies. Winter tweeted: “Baboons just taken the lead – & the sugar, five sachets at a time, even the canderel, now sitting in trees, pouring sugar down throats. 2-1.”

And talk about reporting from the front-line – he then sneaked a brief interview with the main marksman. He wrote: “Baboons on roof now just out of range of gun-man firing small marbles. “I aim for the arse” says Mr Primate Control. Accurate up to 50 yards.”

A sign of things to come in South Africa?