The 11 greatest England World Cup anthems

Posted by - June 11, 2010 - England, World Cup, World Cup Songs

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11) We’ve Got The Whole World At Our Feet – England World Cup Squad (1986)
Performed to the tune of He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands and modified from Nottingham Forest’s anthem for the 1980 European Cup Final, this is a quaint attempt at celebrating the World Cup with a well known tune and sweet, cheerily optimistic lyrics.

10) Diamond Lights – Glenn Hoddle and Chris Waddle (1987)
Alright, so this isn’t strictly speaking a World Cup song. However, this synth-pop offering, courtesy of the Spurs teammates, is completely doggerel but somehow enjoyable and endearing at the same time. The video is also worth a watch, purely for the wannabe Miami Vice jackets and questionable 80’s haircuts.

9) World At Your Feet – Embrace (2006)
This clean-cut number from Yorkshire rock band Embrace was reminiscent of Coldplay. It fought off fierce competition from Ricky’s Come on England and even Crazy Frog to become the official anthem of the 2006 World Cup team.

8) We’re On The Ball – Ant and Dec (2002)
The Geordie pair of presenters re-worked the old anthem for Arsenal to sing to the England team on their trip to Japan and Korea. Competing tunes of the summer of 2002 included Martin Bell and Jonathan Spurling’s Sven, Sven, Sven.

7) England Crazy – Rider feat. Terry Venables (2002)
El Tel recorded a double A-side with a band called Rider with two versions of this song. One was a terrace-friendly chant version, and the other a swing version in the style of Frank Sinatra.

6) (How Does It Feel) To Be On Top Of The World – England United (1998)
Sung by Victoria the future Mrs. Beckham, as well as her Spice Girl band mates, Echo and the Bunnymen and the Lightning Seeds. This chirpy, poppy song was pushed out of the frame somewhat by the number 5 track.

5) Vindaloo – Fat Les (1998)
A track which fiercely divided opinions, Vindaloo was penned by Keith Allen and became the unofficial song of the 1998 tournament. Where do you stand – an inspired, subversive parody of the football chant or a hooligan’s anthem?

4) This Time (We’ll Get It Right) – England World Cup Squad (1982)
An ambitious England squad promised us a great deal in 1982 but ultimately failed to deliver, coming home from Spain after a disappointing draw 0 – 0 in the second round. Maybe this was karma warning us not to be too confident in our World Cup anthems?

3) Three Lions – Baddiel and Skinner/The Lightning Seeds (1998)
This Britpop chant was originally written for the European championships in 1996, but was rolled back out for the 1998 World Cup campaign. Shamelessly nostalgic, this song still seems to have retained the ability to make grown men cry.

2) World In Motion – England and New Order (1990)
The England squad teamed up with New Order to create this electro-pop classic which was co-written by Keith Allen and featured John Barnes doing a brave job as MC.

1) Back Home – World Cup Squad (1970)
This track went straight in at number one and began the trend of football players taking a break from the pitch to hit the recording studio. This rousing tune stayed at the top of the charts for three weeks.

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