Top 10 conclusions: Germany 4-1 England

Posted by - June 27, 2010 - Conclusions, England, Lists, World Cup

1. That was absolutely atrocious. Venting your anger might help, but it was so poor that I’m struggling to find the enthusiasm to remind you all how bad it was.

2. A heartbreaking penalty shootout defeat would have been absolute heaven, it really would.

3. Surely Sepp Blatter must be sparked into life by embarrassment by Frank Lampard’s non-goal. This was one of the biggest matches of the tournament and a really obvious goal was missed as a result of there being no goal-line technology.

4. Having said that, this might have been the end of England’s tournament but you would like to think it will be the last we will see of referee Larrionda too. How did he not see that cross the line?

5. All the things we hoped would come together in a big match didn’t because there were fundamental flaws in the way the team was set-up and the way it was playing.

6. Bastian Schweinsteiger’s injury problems might be the best thing that ever happened to him. He look like he would be wasted on the wing these days and totally ran the show today.

7. I wish I conclude what was wrong with Wayne Rooney, but that sadly remains a mystery for now. Hopefully we will find out before too long why he was so far below par.

8. The biggest surprise of this whole disaster has been Fabio Capello’s misplaced loyalty. Why stick with Matthew Upson just because he played in a victory over Slovenia? It could have all been different with Ledley King back and John Terry in his preferred left centre-back slot.

9. The big winner – Germany aside – is Howard Webb. Expect him to get some plum ties with England out of his way.

10. Perhaps we should just promote our successful under 17s side and give them a few years to get it right. They certainly couldn’t do any worse than the current lot.

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  • jimbo

    I see that only one of your 10 conclusions cites Germany. England were awful, they could have lost by 6 or 7. Germany thoroughly deserved the win.

  • jill

    I’m gutted but have to admit England were way off being a winning team. You have said Rooney was well below par- why leave him on? He hasn’t had a good game in the world cup. However, I think it could have been a different 2nd half if it had been all square at half time. When are the powers that be going to recognise the need for technology? So many other sports use it, I can’t see what the problem is, and the ref’s word would be final.

  • OmegaSupreme

    Never again should we have any expectations of an England team. We’ve seen the same pattern repeat itself for 40+ years. Sometimes a little better sometimes a bit worse. We’ve never had good enough technique and have been psychologically enfeebled, crushed by the weight of overblown expectations. Pathetic and a national embarrsement.

  • Andy

    Rooney injured? Never looked the same playing for ManU after the first leg injury against Bayern.

    Why use goalline technology and not the five officials? I’m in the US where they ignore the Europa League so I never saw that in action – but I never read anything anywhere that analysed whether that worked or not either.

  • toucego

    Every Euro or WorldCup is the same story: England will smash all opponents until glorious victory!
    Forget Managers…as once Mourinho said: You cannot do omelette’s without the eggs! So, spot blaming Capelo!
    English players are overrated, all of then! (maybe except Gerard, Terry or Lampard) And Rooney you may ask?! Please, take a look at ManU, he only plays well in EPL and what happens when he plays against giants in Champions League?! Nothing happens, thats right, nothing…(ManU is just a ordinary time without CRon, no one there who makes the difference!)
    And EPL is not the problem, just take a look at Portugal, they have almost every players in the national team play abroad, their league is full of Brazilians and still as a very small country they manage to be in every single Euro and WorldCup…and do well! Oh, and look for their youth times, with Euro and World titles!
    Looking for answers?! Do you know where France and Spain copy their roll model for their youth nationals times?!

  • Ivan Bezdomny

    Perhaps it’s not a time for pedantry, toucego, but please. You mean stop, not spot; team, not time; role model, not roll model (though perhaps there are such things as roll models, but that’s an entirely different matter). As for the veracity of your points, hmm…I like how you say “Forget managers!” and then back that up by quoting Jose Mourinho.

    As it is, your opening line has some grounding in the truth – the media’s tireless trumpeting of our chances before each & every friendly, never mind tournament, is a factor. As is our lack, even fear, of players with technical ability, the worrying paucity of youngsters coming through in our national league, the reluctance of our major stars to ever go abroad and experience a new culture (perhaps connected to their ensuing tactical rigidity), the shocking lack of investment in youth by both the FA and the Premier League – a multitude of reasons. The Bundesliga may be a notch or two down from the Premier League in some measures, but in many other respects it’s an enjoyable, well-attended and most importantly for its national team, fruitful and productive conveyor belt. Add to that the impressive manner in which the Germans have harnessed the love for football amongst their myriad immigrant communities (a country in which immigrant communities were an oxymoron 70 years ago!) and the contrasting manner in which we’ve yet to see any single Asian, for example, play football at any sort of a decent level – we have an endemic problem that cannot be fixed overnight.

  • Joe

    Ahem…video replay? Although, I think in the end Germany were just better, this seriously altered the course of the game. Who’s to say the second goal wouldn’t have energized England, or at least allowed them not to be as stretched?

    Rooney looked to only about 50% of his normal self, I didn’t see any of the bustling, energetic runs that are typical from him.

    toucego…I seem to remember Rooney making a mockery of the AC Milan defense in this past CL, so I’m not sure where you get your “does nothing” statement.

  • http://deleted Mohamed S.


    Sure, Portugal’s league is mostly Brazilians but right then you give the reason they do well: Most of them play abroad.

    How many major English players play abroad? That’s right, none. English youngsters can’t play in the EPL and they can’t play abroad. Where do they go? Out of the football system. How can you expect new English talent to come from a league dominated by non-english ownership?

  • toucego

    @Ivan Bezdomny: Sorry for my english… 🙁

    @Mohamed S.: When i said that in Portuguese league there is a lot of Brazilians it was to emphasize that sometimes there is no much space for the young Portuguese players to play in their own national league as like young English players in EPL…

    Previously i forgot to mention Holland too as a example…
    I love the English supporters , the singing, the reactions, its another show of its one.
    They truly deserve more from their national team.
    Its time to work, not to cry.
    When i said that Portugal have been in every single Euro and WorldCup i forgot to mention that this started in the last 10 to 15 years…But the work begun 20-25 years ago!!! For Portugal Carlos Queirós was the man responsible for it, in Spain Luis Aragonés, etc…
    Switzerland also have started a similar work ( u can say that the results are not very good but take a look at the size of the country and their population!) and the results of it are starting to show…

    So, it takes a lot of work, organization and patience…

  • toucego

    PS: And please, let the Teachers do the work! Only with scientific work gives u the quality!
    Queiros is a Teacher, Mourinho is a teacher….why only ex-players are suitable to be managers?! Do they know to work with children?! Do they have the scientific knowledge to organize the principles of how to choose and work with young players?!

    The answer is, most of the times, NO!

  • Fifinho

    So the ball crossed the line and it wasn’t called, Germany played much better football right from the start. I’ve also noticed how no-one’s brought up the infamous “goal” of ’66? delayed justice shall we say?