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Top five conclusions: Brazil 3-1 Ivory Coast

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  • mike

    if FIFA overturns kaka’s red card then can they please give USA their goal back 🙁

  • Joe

    This is just the latest in a long list of screw-ups thus far, but now that Brazil have been screwed, now we have a problem. It’s rough on Kaka, but at least he’ll be back for their second round match.

    It’s hard to feel for Brazil in general, they’ve profited considerably from simulation and cheating over the years (stand up Rivaldo) and even did so in this very match (Luis Fabiano).

  • James Sameo

    If FIFA overturns Kaka’s red card, they’ll have to issue one to Fabio for flopping. Brasil’s many flops made the red card against Kaka not such a big deal. The team earned it, even if Kaka didn’t.