Top five conclusions: Portugal 7-0 North Korea

Posted by - June 22, 2010 - Conclusions, Lists, World Cup

1. This one probably won’t be getting broadcast in North Korea (unless they stick to long shots showing the team in red scoring lots of goals).

2. Talking of which, never mind national pride – I’m fearful for the white away kit as it goes to be washed.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo is flash even when he doesn’t mean to be. Not many players who get in the way of the ball end up with it bouncing up their back, off the back of their head and dropping nicely in front of them for an easy goal.

4. There are easy games at international level.

5. It is probably safe to say that Portugal’s place in the next round is assured on the basis of their goal difference. I’m not sure I can see the Ivory Coast putting nine past North Korea.

Video via 101GG

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    This was unbeleivable. 7 – 0. I think north korea hoped to win this match. They lost 1- 2 to brazil. But they lost so badly against portugal. what a luck. I hope they wouldnt face any problems when they go back to north korea.