Top five conclusions: Spain 1-0 Portugal

Posted by - June 29, 2010 - Conclusions, Lists, World Cup


1. Sometimes the good guys do win. Or at least the attacking, exciting, don’t-want-10-behind-the-ball guys.

2. Barcelona will be delighted they signed David Villa before his value doubled after the tournament.

3. Cheating Spaniards, putting a tall striker on who can’t be bullied. That is not allowed.

4. A healthy dose of karma for Cristiano Ronaldo. The referee obviously felt he was the Little Boy Who Cried Foul and gave him absolutely nothing all match.

5. Carlos Queiroz is a liar. See if you recognise Portugal’s tactics against Spain from his pre-match comments: “It’s going to be extremely difficult for both teams. Our style of football, though, is somewhat similar and I believe it will be a quick game with a lot of creativity, a lot of great moves. I expect a great, great show of football.

“We want to win this game from the very first minute. We don’t know if the game will be 90 minutes or 120 minutes or penalties. All that counts is that we move forward and score.

“My idea in a game of this nature is that we must take some risks. Our passing must be decisive if we want to win. We must also defend well and attack well. But if my squad wants to stay in the World Cup they must always be on the attack.”

  • Tiago

    It’s getting real sickening that everywhere Portugal is getting the image of cheaters and divers. Don’t mind me, I hate a cheat as much as the other person, but c’mon, are you really turning this into a Good Guys vs Bad Guys? It’s football, there are no good or bad guys.

    I’ve read you’re blog for some time now, and I know you are better than this. You base all of your conclusions in one assumption. A wrong assumption.

    But, nevertheless, keep up the good work.

  • Rob Parker

    Hi Tiago,

    The good guys v bad guys was more to do with the fact that you were really dull to watch tonight – not diving and cheating.

    In fact, conclusion four refers to the fact that you deserved more free-kicks than you got tonight (while acknowledging that Ronaldo has developed a certain level of expertise in these matters!).

  • Dylan

    Portugal could have converted some good chances in the first half and the match may have had a different outcome.

    But going down 1-0 to a team like Spain is very difficult to overcome. These guys simply do not lose the ball. There passing ability is incredible.

    Keeping the ball really is the best form of defence.

  • Joe

    While Spain had far more possession, Portugal were almost level on quality chances…at least in the first half. They did put 10 behind the ball but when they got possession they did push forward. It was more counter-attack than park-the-bus. The blond guy down the left was pretty clever. The game wasn’t nearly as bad as say…Japan/Paraguay. zzzzzzz.

    I think if Ronaldo had gotten a few calls the game might have had more balance…but he dove his way to his reputation and now he’s getting the raw end of it. Referees don’t like looking stupid any more than the rest of us.

  • gomez

    At least Queiroz got it right in the last sentence quoted. They didn’t attack and now they can fly back home.

  • Joe

    I think it bears mentioning that every featured player in that long, tedious Nike ad have all now officially flopped. (Drogba, Rooney, Cannavaro, Ribery, Ronaldo)…in fairness to Ronaldinho…he never got the chance to make in impression.

  • summer

    interesting conclusions! especially the fifth one…