Top five conclusions: USA 1-2 Ghana

Posted by - June 26, 2010 - Conclusions, Lists, World Cup

1. A fantastic result for Ghana and (sorry American readers) the tournament. Maintaining an African interest into the quarter-finals is a big bonus for the World Cup.

2. Good to see Ghana conceding a penalty instead of winning one for once.

3. Bob Bradley might have got a couple of selection decisions wrong, but I don’t think he deserves a backlash from American fans.

4. Jozy Altidore has the pace of Usain Bolt, but the control of a bolting horse.

5. Mick Jagger and Bill Clinton are almost certain to have hooked up after the match.

Video via 101GG

  • Padytheflea

    6. USA are not among the 8 best nations in foorball in the world so it’s not more than fair that it is reflected in the World Cup.

    It will learn the american people not to underestimate other nations in the world when it comes to football.

    The question is if England is among the 8 best. In my opinion there abouts. But not among the four best anyway.

  • Joe

    I don’t think any Americans who know anything about the game under-estimated Ghana. I figured we had about a 50-50 chance of pulling it off and losing 2-1 in OT pretty much bears out that assessment.

    Although I think it could have gone either way, Ghana played fairly and deserved their win.