Top five things to hate about the World Cup so far

Posted by - June 16, 2010 - Conclusions, Lists

Don’t get us wrong – we love the World Cup. But a little bit of critiquing won’t do any harm

1. People who haven’t got a clue about football talking about the World Cup
It is nice that people who don’t their Assou-Ekotto from their Eboue suddenly find football interesting for four weeks every four years, but listening to conversations between people who really don’t know the first thing about football is quite irritating.

2. Empty seats
Overpricing and an unnecessary pandering to commercial partners means that attendances have taken a hit at some of the tournament’s lesser games. Perhaps the thousands of empty seats will be the wake-up call FIFA needs, but we suspect not.

3. Quality
A footballing lesson from Germany aside, the standard of football on display so far has been pretty poor. Hopefully the better teams will warm-up as the tournament progresses but it hasn’t been thrill-a-minute so far.

4. Vuvuzelas
Unlike some, we are not overly offended by the sound of an angry swarm of bees at every match. What we do miss is the atmosphere, chanting and singing that you would normally expect to hear, which is drowned out by the plastic trumpets.

5. Lack of goals
Again, Germany is the exception to the rule. Seeing the net ripple a few more times certainly wouldn’t go amiss.

  • John

    6. Football websites that are down half the time during the biggest football event in the world.

  • Joe

    1. is a very well-made point. Losing your regular bar-stool to a horde of college (American) football fans who need offside explained 15 times is about as annoying as it gets. Also, I actually heard someone say “Henry Terry” during the French match.

    4. I was under the impression that part of the spectacle of the WC was to see the contrasting fans and hear the unique atmosphere that each produces. That’s now been replaced by a dull droning sound. Well done.

  • anonymous

    Part of the unique atmosphere is the contrasting fans, but you still hate on Americans in your first point? I know hating Americans is still trendy, and I will agree with you because even here I am annoyed by the World Cup bandwagon fans. However, we’re not all that ignorant and a large group of people I know actually follow regular football.

  • Rob Parker

    Joe’s a regular commenter and, if I’ve pieced the clues together enough over his many comments, I’m pretty certain he is American so I think he’s entitled to his view!

  • izno85

    People bitching about the vuvuzelas all day long on TV annoy me way more than the vuvuzelas

  • Alice

    7. Hearing all of my female friends talk about how hot the players are as if that correlates to the level of skill they have.

    8. Alexi Lalas’ commentary on ESPN. Really America? We couldn’t get anyone else?

    And I agree with izno85.

  • jill

    4 Bring back the bands!

  • kathmcp


    Actually, I think Joe only used the word American as an adjective to football – to make the point that it was fans of American football who didn’t understand the offside rule, rather than it being a dig at Americans. And if he hadn’t, well, you understand how dumb it would have sounded to say football fans didn’t understand the offside rule now wouldn’t it.

  • Joe

    Sorry for confusion. kathmcp is correct I’m using the word American to describe NFL, NCAA “football”. Rob Parker is also correct, I am American and I dislike the stereotype that Americans know nothing about the sport (soccer/football) as much as anyone. The point I was making was that it was irritating to watch the WC surrounded by fans who knew nothing of the sport, criticise its lack of goals every 3 seconds, yet found it necessary to implant themselves in a bar I frequent to watch Chelsea v. Stoke at 7am in the middle of January when they’re tucked away in bed.

  • Joe

    …a further note…I definitely draw a line between people watching who don’t know the game but are willing to learn vs. people who show up, take over the place, and then rag the sport that the rest of us came to enjoy.

    I probably should have said that earlier but the text box is only so big.