Video: Holland squad banned from Twitter over internet racism row

Posted by - June 10, 2010 - Football videos, World Cup

When PES lands you in hot water

It just isn’t a major tournament without tension and division in the Holland camp. That’s why Hamburg’s Eljero Elia decided to allegedly insult Morrocans during a live internet video broadcast.

Elia and Ryan Babel were filming themselves playing a Pro Evolution Soccer tournament against each other while streaming the thrilling spectacle on the internet. The mundane footage would be notable for the number of Dutch players who have seemingly never seen a camera before if it hadn’t have been for Elia’s controversial comments.

The video has led coach Bert van Marwijk to impose a Twitter ban and forced Elia to apologise for his behaviour.

He said: “I want to apologise to the Moroccan community but I am not a racist. I grew up in The Hague in a neighbourhood with 75 percent Moroccans and have a lot of friends among them.

“What I said was meant for a friend of mine, Reduan, who always calls me ‘negro’… it sounds odd, but it is some slang.”

Babel and Elia have bid their farewells on Twitter. Meanwhile, Gio Von Bronckhorst is still raving to anyone who will listen about this new fangled gadget which displays an image of him moving in real-time.

Video spotted on Dirty Tackle

  • Dutch

    Its not a racial row. It’s a language problem. I can see how you would think that, reading the apology.

    What he said is pretty normal slang, mostly in the region where he grew up.The comment was directed to a friend of his. In the Dutch media this has been blown out of proportion, but what you are writing here is out of context and wrong.

    Have a great World Cup,
    From Holland