Video: North Korea’s Jong Tae Se crying during national anthem

Posted by - June 15, 2010 - Football videos, Oddballs, World Cup

Tears from Tae Se

It turns out the ‘People’s Wayne Rooney’, Jong Tae Se, is more like the People’s Gazza. The North Korea striker was emotional wreck during the national anthems before his side’s clash with Brazil. The 26-year-old could probably teach us a few things about pride at playing at the World Cup, but we were too busy laughing to learn these lessons.

Video via 101GG

  • Marius.

    You are a fucking idiot man. This guy cried because he lost his mother last nite! Show some respect.

  • MA

    According to the AP, Jong Tae Se’s mom was in the stands, not “lost”.

    But lets just get this straight. The one player on the north korean team sobbing with pride is the only player who does not have to live there…..hmmmm.

  • Doha

    hahaha… Yeah, agreed.

    MA has a good point. Why on Earth does Japan allow North Korean propaganda in their country… It’s always been banned in my own, South Korea, it should be there too!

    If he was crying cuz of his mum I understand, but if he was in fact crying for his nation, just wow, i’ve never seen anything like that.

    If North Korean propaganda can induce someone to do that, i think it’s rather dangerous.

  • blah blah

    of course it’s all a propaganda he can’t possibly love his country because it’s his country. How many players from the rest of the participating countries sang along their national anthem or even showed any emotion? Get ur heads out of ur asses. And his mother isn’t dead.

    The player was born and raised in Japan and has a university degree, I’d expect him to be smart enough to see through supposedly north Korean ‘propaganda’ and it’s surprising he would even lean towards north korea given the fabulous amount of propaganda and ridiculous stories perpetuated by America and their prostitutes in South Korea

  • sam

    I agree with blah blah.

    He is a smart man, that just wants peace, and understanding. and Korean Unity.

    In fact america’s anti-communist stance, and their military presence has created much harships for the koreas and japan.

    There is too much capitalist fascistic propaganda against communism, human rights, internationalism and democracy.

  • Joe

    Erm…fascism doesn’t allow for capitalism so I’m not sure what ‘capitalist fascistic propaganda’ means…and is North Korea really a champion of human rights and democracy??

  • Duncan

    Fascism gets along just fine with capitalism, if you look at capitalist enterprises in Nazi Germany (Ford and Coca Cola both had plants there, not to mention I. G. Farben and other indigenous companies) and Italy. For that matter, capitalism gets along with communism quite well, as Stalin’s industrialization of the USSR showed, using techniques not very different from those that industrialized the West: forced expulsion of rural people from the land, state subsidies, etc; the same goes for China. Sounds like you don’t know what capitalism is. At base, capitalism is anti-democratic.

    I wouldn’t say that North Korea is a champion of human rights and democracy, but then I wouldn’t say it about the US either, given our historical record.

  • Joe

    Well if Germany in the 1930s is what you call the free market then I must just be way off base. The government seizing businesses and reallocating them sure doesn’t sound like Laissez-faire capitalism to me. That is certainly what happened to Jewish-controlled businesses in that time period. There were certainly profiteers in that era who benefitted from their party ties but that isn’t pure capitalism.