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Video: Wayne Rooney’s blast at England fans

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  • Brad

    Rooney was absolutely terrible!! He should be dropped!!!

  • jill

    They were all awful. They get paid far too much, and they get it whether they play well or not.

  • OmegaSupreme

    I’ve backed Rooney since he first went in the England team, but now I’ve got to turn my back. The man is a disgrace. He should be dropped on the basis of his performances and his attitude and to send out a message that we want guts, endeavour and pride.

  • Ugeine

    He was absolutely terrible last night, absolutely terrible. If you can’t boo somebody then, when can you boo them?

  • leo schrecker

    What did they expect from us, after that performance? ‘That we’d feel sorry for them.?’ I reckon that we’ve always been too soft and forgive-ing towards our footballers, so now they’ve come to expect it from us. As if it’s their god given right to have our unconditional biased support no matter how badly they play, and not to mention the growing wages that they earn that looks positively ridiculous next to their recent performance standards
    sorry about the rant but i felt i just had to vent my frustration.

  • http://yahoo Sunshine

    I completely disagree with the fans, because a fan encourage,support and motivate to the players at the end of the game.
    I think that fans didn´t have comprehension to the England players. The players felt pressure at the beging of the games., You could see in the face of Wayne Rooney frustration and pressure.

    Fans don´t understand that many things and surprises can happen in a worldcup.
    England team and another teams were strugling with hard teams.
    for that reason it´s not fair to criticize them.

    I think that something completely special woul have felt the England team if the fans were supporting them at the end of the game.

    With those kind of actions motivate and support to the team, The social environment can change and to have an effect in the players.