World Cup Kitman: Cameroon home

Posted by - June 3, 2010 - Kitman, World Cup

This summer’s hottest footy fashions

Team: Cameroon

Maker: Puma

Prem personalisation: Benoît Assou-Ekotto, Sébastien Bassong, Alexandre Song.

Verdict: It’s an African shirt. That inevitably means Puma and equally inevitably means literal visual representation of the team’s nickname. As lions go, the one on the shoulder of this shirt looks pretty damn indomitable.

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  • Ala


  • Lesley

    That’s Denmark’s home kit, not Cameroon’s!

  • Dublin Kopite

    Looks like Puma have run out of ideas and are nicking them from Adidas…

  • roy

    this is denmark! and adidas!
    not cameroon and puma!

  • JamJam

    Because Denmark is in Africa right? And where Cameroon is. 😛

  • Rob Parker

    Alright, alright. Show’s over!


    bring back the vests!