World Cup Kitman: North Korea

Posted by - June 8, 2010 - Kitman, World Cup

This summer’s hottest footy fashions

Team: North Korea

Maker: Legea

Prem personalisation: Seriously?

Verdict: You won’t be surprised to know that this kit has more politics behind it than any other World Cup shirt. The tale goes roughly like this: proud communist state has deal with China Hongxing during qualifying; contract expires; communist state holds out for big-money offer from kit manufacturer; enjoy a brief flirtation with Pirma; reject kit from Legea for being “too flashy” (it had a white stripe); sign €4m deal with Legea just last week.

If you find somewhere to buy this, then you’ve got better eyes than us.

  • hollis

    I’m betting you could very easily pick on up for a passport with no photo yet in it.

    Aside from that there’s a few 1970’s replica’s banging about the internet.

  • World Cup Live

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