World Cup Songs: #11 Three Shirts On My Line by Frank Sidebottom

Posted by - June 12, 2010 - World Cup, World Cup Songs

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Manchester comic Frank Sidebottom has launched his very own unofficial World Cup songs titled Three Shirts On My Line. It is a parody of a very well known World Cup anthem, but we will let you guess which one.

The song is inspired by Frank’s England shirt collection – home, away and goalie – all being washed by his mum at the same time.

He told the Manchester Evening News: “The song just rolled off my tongue, faster than a fast-speed washing machine. I asked my mum where my England shirts were and she said that she had washed them.

“I looked outside and there were three shirts on the line. I thought that it is a brilliant idea for a song. Thirty-five years of dirt washed out by my mum.”

  • Rush

    R.I.P Frank


    Frank Sidebottom was a cult figure that generated more from the Northern part of the country especially the Manchester area.He was more suited to “The Good Old Days’ in the working mens clubs which are closing down one by one.and Frank loved his football always had an opinion.As far as I know he was a unique character who made people smile.I remember when he shared a football phone in with the legendary Tommy Docherty and made a fine double act.As far as I know he never ventured South much but many Northern Comics choose to stay oop north.It is easy to be like all the rest but the character Frank Sidebottom was definitely a one off original that we will never see again
    R I P Frank

  • Eileen

    Can anyone tell me where i can find the lyrics for this song as i can’t understand it all on the video. It sounds brilliant, the bits i can understand. Thanks. x

  • Tommy

    A New World cup song!!

    Carlotta Truman (10) feat. LayZee (ex. Mr President)
    “All in the Game” Music Video!
    Enjoy it! 🙂