Bastian Schweinsteiger wears Frank Lampard’s England World Cup match shirt for a park kickabout

Posted by - July 16, 2010 - England, Germany, Kitman, World Cup

The best player to pull on an England World Cup shirt?

In case you were wondering how much a match worn England World Cup shirt is worth in Germany at the minute, the answer is not very much. Bastian Schweinsteiger got his hands on Frank Lampard’s shirt after Germany’s last-16 victory over England (a special gift from Lamps as a thanks for being carried around in Schweini’s pocket for 90 minutes).

But the Chelsea star’s jersey is not taking pride of place framed above die toilette : Schweinsteiger wore the short for a kickabout in a park in Munich.

A passer-by told German newspaper Bild: “Schweini looked very relaxed, playing football with around with about seven men. I found it so cool that he wore the Frank Lampard jersey.”

All the evidence of how the shirt ended up in Munich is below. A quick discussion about ‘yeah, I think it was over the line’, grab the shirt, chuck it to the missus and the job’s a good ‘un.


  • rob

    Yeh right – it was probably him who ghosted the ball back from over the line Huh.

    Why do people write such drivel?

    At least no ones owned up to wearing the Stephen “man gone missing” Gerrard shirt. The only pocket he disappeared into was presumably in the tunnel walking out to play.

  • Sir Cecil

    An exchange of shirts between two honourable sportsmen is belittled by a dullard writer whose only aim is to appear “clever” at the expense of others – including his readers. The curse of the Internet is that it gives a voice to such woeful scribes.

  • Liam

    Lampard played a superb game against Germany with one shot over the line,another
    hitting the crossbar and two others well saved by the keeper.To say that Schweinsteiger
    had him in his pocket is only drivel and jealousy.

  • James

    What a joke you fellas are thinking that Fat Frank did ‘superb’ against Germany. Agreed it was his best game out of the three… considering for the first two he as well as many other seemed to be still in the checking in zone at Heathrow Airport while the game went ahead. Ok so lamps had a couple of shots, but he literally had 30 secs of decent play and then was found back in teh stands… coz i certainly didnt see him on the pitch.

    Must be CFC fans sticking by your ‘man’ but I am LFC and and hugely embarrassed by the way our players played – including Stevie G. Johnson had a shocker too IMO.

    Terry was not ther either but ill assume that fact that he dived to the floor made him have a ‘great’ game.

    what a joke England were and are, and the soon you lot realise that these players are carried in THEIR OWN LEAGUE – the better…we can then have realistic ambitions.

  • Nigel Ingram

    During international football club loyalties are left at home! The Liverpoll fan who is embarrassed by his teams players at the world cup I assume is utterly ashamed at his players performances in the league whilst the Chelsea guys must be extremely proud of their history making double winners.

    Rafa Beneath us was a disgrace.Yossi Benayoun has just said how great it is to train with a ball at Cobham because at Liverpool they never trained with the ball presumably thats why they couldn’t string two passes together all season.

    Schweinsteiger will be a blue within 12 months!

  • James

    Of course club loyalties are left at home. I would just like to stress that English players are not as fantastic as their counter parts. And this WC as well as the previous has proved that our International status is an actual laughing stock.

    CFC had a historic year and I congratulate them on that – genuinely.

    Most fans would prefer their players to turn out for Club over country if they had a choice. I do truly believe that its an honour and an achievement to play for England, but it just seems that these guys do not really fancy it. For me they are well and truly out of touch with reality and their egos have gone beyond the realms of normality that they feel they are owed a place.

    You say Rafa was a disgrace, did you think that in 2005 or 2006, how about the 2009/10 season – was he a disgrace…? back end of 2009/10 we played some of the best football winning the last 10 games.

    What happened last year who knows, but our player of the season was Pepe Reina – never a good sign when the keeper gets this. Dont get me wrong, PEP is great!

  • http://newsnow Manboth


  • joe

    Every one has a go at Lampard whilst ignoring the blatantly obvious, which is that he should have been dropped and let Lampard play his natural game. Look how Lampard plays for Chelsea and how many goals he scores and assists in and then look how he is shackled in the England midfield. Gerrad has the odd briliant game for Liverpool and everyone thinks he is better than Lampard where as Lampard is consistent week in week out and a more steady player. Gerrard could not even sing the national anthem without silently mumbling the words – where’s the passion of being England captain there then?

  • Michael

    Any truth in the rumour that Schweinsteiger’s dog was wearing Stevie Me’s shirt and that he was chasing his tail all round the park and generally achieving nothing?