Drunken Gerard Pique spits at Spain backroom staff

Posted by - July 14, 2010 - Football videos, World Cup

When World Cup celebrations go phlegm-y

Spain defender Gerard Pique provided one of the more disgusting moments of the World Cup victory celebrations. The very drunk Barcelona star – already staggering around the open-top bus – decides it might be nice to spit at a member of Spain’s backroom staff.

The ex-Manchester United man achieved a direct hit and found the situation absolutely hilarious.

  • http://roversmad eddio

    Very, very poor! What an absolute arsehole.

  • olisa

    shit happens

  • josephgueret

    What a great example to be showing young fans.AN ABOSOLUTE ARSEHOLE.

  • Liverpool fan

    Absolute disgrace, I hope Spanish FA ban this idiot for life. Just a low life with far too much money. I hope this moron is ashamed when he sees this footage and Barca should fine him also. Cesc is a disgrace to laugh with him too so let’s hope you go back to Spain soon too!!! SCUM

  • N4

    I wish that was me he did that to, i would have cracked his head in 4 pieces, typical arrogant Barca scum.

  • kristina

    Hey, come on. Typical overreactions you find so often on the internet. Put it in perspective: most of us has done stupid things when drunk together with drunk friends. I sincerely hope he apologises and feels ashamed doing it, but you simply cant judge a character on one incident. “Ban him for life”, “typical arrogant Barca scum”? Relax, folks.

    Another LFC fan

  • Carlos

    This is not an absolute disgrace…this should be seen as normal since people like drinking, that is why its forbidden by some religions because there is a reason, far worse things are happening in the streets of London, Las Vegas etc becaue of Alcohol, its costing the British tax pay millions to treat drunk heads at weekends on the hospital table when people with genuine health problems are waiting in long ques, and what does the British Government do?…..they go and further extend the hours of serving and drinking Alcohol for Off Licenses and Pubs.

  • N4

    Where i come from spitting at another human being is the lowest of the low, let alone an old man who did nothing whatsoever to provoke it!! maybe its different in Spain, spitting at your OWN coach must be acceptable.

  • Jernan

    haha i love reading the typical miserable responses. Pique is a joker in the dressing room, youtube him, he does loads of pranks. Arsenal fans, hahaha stop moaning, his best friend will be joining him soon

    And the most ironic thing of all is that ENGLISH people are talking about someone who is a disgrace while drinking!! haha u guys wake up with a pint in ur hand and are seen as the low lifes of the world!

  • N4

    I dont even drink mate!! do you go around fighting bulls while eating paella?? i didnt think so.


    As a fellow Spaniard, I can confirm that yes, we do fight bulls whilst eating paella even sometimes in traditional flamenco costume

  • Rachel

    LOL seriously? He was drunk off his ass. Give it a rest. People tend to do gross and stupid things when drunk. And he had a reason to be drunk. Let it go.

    It really isn’t as horrific as you are all making it out to be. Gerard is Gerard. He’s a joker and he’s foul, but he’s an amazing footballer. He’s a fantastic defender. So you want to ban him because he spit at someone? Oh okay, that’s not irrational at all. Nope.

    He’s not spoiled. He is a dedicated and hardworking athlete. Get over it, twats.

  • Lilly

    Take a chill pill people, sure that was gross but what do you expect? He’s human, and is just doing what any other normal 23 year old does when they’re totally off their face – something regrettable – you should see the digusting shit students here at Uni do when they’re that drunk… it’s worse for them because they’re potentially our future world leaders whereas he’s just an athlete.

    Just because he’s in the public eye, doesn’t mean he has to conform to societies expectations. What he did was inexcusable, but what can you do? If he says sorry, then there shouldn’t be anything wrong with it.

    Perhaps this will teach people to stop idolizing others…you’re only setting yourselves up for disapppointment when you create these impossibly perfect visions of people like Pique.

    He’s human, we all make mistakes. Get over it and carry on with your lives, instead of getting all fired up over what someone you don’t, and probably won’t ever know, did.

  • piquefan

    I love Gerard. I think he is a splendid player (not to mention a total babe), but I must admit I was a little disgusted and disappointed at this video. I understand that people do silly things when they are drunk and so forth.He is in fact a public figure and probably someone young soccer fans look up to and want to be. It would be really horrible to have this be the focus of what he is known for.
    What would really be excellent and just bring some good to an otherwise crappy situation is an apology.. not sure if he is man enough to actually do it but I think it would present Gerard in a much more favorable light. Yes people do make silly mistakes but holding yourself accountable and living up to them is the honorable thing to do. I hope he thinks so.