Fake Big Brother romances annoy Rio Ferdinand

Posted by - July 16, 2010 - Manchester United, Oddballs

Man Utd star tweets out on reality TV

OTP was pretty certain that nobody actually watches Big Brother any more. But Channel 4 can console themselves with viewing figures of one and a celebrity endorsement to boot.

Rio Ferdinand is seemingly a fan of the show. So much so that he has been flouting a Manchester United Twitter ban to, among other things, discuss Big Brother with his followers.

The England skipper is a romantic at heart and gets wound up with Big Brother contestants being too liberal with their use of the words: “I love you”. In fact he uses the word “flippant” (thought of by most footballers as a way of censoring your bad language).

Rio tweeted: “1 of the things that does bother me about Big Brother is how flippant these people are with sayin “I love u”. Stop bloody lying u eggs!”

Yeah, you heard him, you eggs!