Germany enjoy some mild racism and stereotyping

Posted by - July 2, 2010 - Germany, South America, World Cup

A-Lahm bells ringing

Due to some slight reputational issues in the past, Germany have generally tried to avoid anything that may even slightly signify that they hate/want to invade another race or nationality when the eyes of the world are watching.

On occasions they have even been reluctant to fly their national flag out of fear that this might be misconstrued.

But no longer is this the case since established members of the Germany squad are happily incorporating racist stereotypes into their pre-match mind games.

Captain Philipp Lahm said: “”We know the South Americans are a temperamental lot but we just have to be cool. It remains to be seen how they deal with another defeat this weekend.”

He added: “We know the South Americans act on impulse, they hate losing and that goes without saying. We just hope to see them on the pitch and see how they behave after they lose this time.”

Quite a change of approach

  • BenS

    Ah, it’s just a bit of pre-match sledging

  • http://deleted Mohamed S.

    They’re talking about the 2006 incident with Argentina.

  • anonymous

    knew you guys were smarting after the england game, but even the sun wouldnt run something like this.

  • Chris

    I didn’t realize South America was a race. I guess it’s like the North American race of Mexamerinadian. Nearly every player on the England nat’s team has said something publicly that could be misconstrued as “racist.”

  • ChrisT

    Think you lot have missed the tounge in cheek aspect to this story, however Germany will be bitterly disappointed with this attitude

  • OmegaSupreme

    I lost count of the number of times the English media called the Germans “efficient”.

  • Joe

    It sounds like Lahm is just stoking the fire a bit.

    Also, anyone who DOESN’T hate losing probably shouldn’t be on the pitch.

  • hollis

    I heard that South Americans can fire lazers from their eyes.