Germany squad ‘a bunch of gays’

Posted by - July 14, 2010 - Germany, Hard Tackle, World Cup

Giving mannschaft a whole new meaning

Germany’s World Cup squad was made up of ‘a bunch of gays’, according to Michael Ballack’s agent. Michael Becker made the comments in Der Spiegel news magazine.

Speaking before the World Cup, he allegedly told reporter Aleksander Osang which players in the squad were gay and that a former international was ready to out the team’s homosexual players. Becker, a lawyer as well as representing Ballack, referred to a newer member of the squad as being “half gay”.

Osang was also surprised that Becker’s comments did not cause much of a stir in front of other journalists. He wrote: “All sports journalists seemed to already know the alleged homosexual conspiracies enveloping Löw’s team. The rumours accompanied our team to South Africa and evidently belong to the team.”

Becker has since claimed his comments were “misunderstood”, but Osang said Becker had told him “unbelievable stories that I took down in my notebook and Becker didn’t seem to have anything against me doing so”.

  • Anna

    OMG that is soo not trueeee :( :( :(
    i thinkk the emaglndd teamm are rubissshhh and thee worstt coss they cnt evennn tackle, kick throw the ball not evem once they have succeded
    they are that rubbish :) :) :)
    GeRmAnY lovee youuu breee<3 <3 <3