Is the humble brick wall the answer to England’s World Cup woes?

Posted by - July 3, 2010 - England

Glenn Hoddle thinks so

Ex-England boss Glenn Hoddle has been outlining his blueprint for an overhaul of English football – and walls are a pretty important part of it.

The former Chelsea manager, who is currently running his own coaching academy in Spain, has made a series of suggestions for improving England’s prospects on the international stage. This includes spending a lot of time kicking the ball against a wall.

He said: “As a boy, if my dad wasn’t around, I’d take a ball and find a wall. If you hit a perfect pass to a wall, it will give you a perfect pass back. I’d stand for hours, right foot and left, driving a ball at a wall. I reintroduced it at Chelsea and I use it now as a development tool. Stand in front of a wall and pass the ball, with your head up. Feel the weight of a pass, get used to the touch of the ball on your feet. Repeat and repeat again.”

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