Video: Jimmy Jump attempts to steal the World Cup trophy

Posted by - July 11, 2010 - Oddballs, World Cup

Floored by security
world-cup-thief-security Jimmy Jump

Serial pitch invader Jimmy Jump attempted to nick the World Cup trophy before kick-off in this evening’s World Cup final.

Wearing a red hat and a T-shirt reading ‘Jimmy Jump against racism’, the Barcelona fan beat tight security to very nearly get his hands on the trophy before security took the opportunity to beat him instead. He was escorted out of the stadium by seven large gentlemen.

It is likely the pitch invader – who has previously struck on occasions including the Euro 2004 final and 2007 Champions League final – was attempting to put his trademark red hat on the trophy.

Video after the jump.

  • Doug

    Why say HE TRIED TO STEAL IT!! Then at the end say He tried to put a hat on it? (which is clearly what he was trying, hense the hat in his hand.)

  • Rob

    After seeing him do this numerous times, I hope for the security’s sake that he had his T-shirt covered up when they let him in; it’s a bit of a giveaway isn’t it?

  • Doug

    lol wtf

  • Rob

    haha yea