Journalist behind the fake Arsene Wenger interview hits back

Posted by - July 9, 2010 - Arsenal, Oddballs

Did he do it after all?

The Kenyan journalist at the centre of a row over an alleged one-to-one interview with Arsene Wenger has fought back at Arsenal’s suggestion that the article was fictitious. Ampher Apidi has today had a picture of himself cosying up to Wenger published in The Standard newspaper.

The original interview in The Standard contained a number of very curious quotes, which were reported by several UK news outlets. The Gunners moved to stop the reports by issuing a statement saying that no one-to-one interviews had been granted and the quotes should not be attributed to their manager.

But if the photo above had you wondering whether Wenger really had said those crazy things, the accompanying article will probably reaffirm your belief that he didn’t. Apidi writes:

“He accepted my request for an interview and even invited me to watch the semi-final match between Germany and Spain with him in the Press box as he does the football commentary for a French TV channel.

It is time to leave, as I have to catch a plane back to Nairobi.

As I left, he walked me to the lobby, we exchanged contacts and he invited me to visit the Emirates Stadium to learn more about football.

His parting shot: “I hope to see you soon in England but do not commit suicide.”

I think this guy might be my favourite journalist ever and thoroughly recommend reading the full article!

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    i call photoshop