Top 10 conclusions: Holland 0-1 Spain (aet)

Posted by - July 11, 2010 - Conclusions, Lists, World Cup


1. The best team won. And more than that, the team that actually wanted to play football won.

2. And one of the best players of the tournament scored the winning goal in the end. Andres Iniesta is one of the few top players to live up to his hype in South Africa.

3. Typical that Sepp Blatter managed to get his ugly mug in the trophy lift photo.

4. Holland must have seen the money generated by the Zidane-Materazzi headbutt and wanted a piece of the action.

5. Poor Arjen Robben. Passed up the chance to dive for the first time in his career and ended up booked for dissent instead.

6. It was a pretty poor quality match which, on reflection, was a quite fitting end to a tournament that has seen too many cagey teams and below par players.

7. I will stick my neck out and say I feel a bit sorry for Howard Webb. He would have been lambasted if it had ended with four or five players sent-off. He tried his hardest not to ruin the match and Holland really took the mickey.

8. Mark Van Bommel commits horrendous fouls in a parallel universe which cannot be seen by referees.

9. But then again, so did Nigel De Jong this evening. Karate kicks to the chest were not only red card offences, but arrestable offences last time we checked.

10. Not too many reputations were enhanced during that match. Paul the psychic octopus is about the only one.

  • Andy

    #7 – is there any debate about ‘sin-bin’ rules? seems to me that Webb was reluctant to send anyone off and “ruin” the game, but if the punishment was a 10 minute period then he could have tossed a few of those around and the players would have been forced to adjust their tactics.