Top five conclusions: Argentina 0-4 Germany

Posted by - July 4, 2010 - Conclusions, Lists, World Cup

1. Now we can safely assume that Diego Maradona actually knows Thomas Mueller is not a ball boy.

2. England are better than Argentina. The evidence is conclusive…

3. There wasn’t too much hype surrounding Bastian Schweinsteiger before the tournament, but if you were asked to pick the best player in the world based on those 90 minutes you would not have gone for Lionel Messi.

4. England, Brazil and now Argentina – as soon as the so-called top teams have come up against half-decent opposition they have crumbled.

5. And now we have seen Argentina against half-decent opposition perhaps it is time to revert to our initial analysis of Diego Maradona the manager.

Video via 101GG

  • Lobotics

    6. There’ll be no Oasis reunion after all

  • Annoying person who likes to point our spelling errors

    Why can’t people write his name as Müller, it it purely because they are too lazy to type the Ü?

  • Rob Parker

    Sepp’s banned umlauts, hadn’t you heard? I’ve gone with the official FIFA spelling here as used on all their captions.

    Even if I hadn’t, most media style guides say drop all accents because they are largely redundant to an English reader, so he would have just been plain old Muller in any case.

  • mueller yogurt

    I seeeeeeee

  • Mikael

    And by “redundant” we do of course mean “incomprehensible”.

  • Joe

    I merely want to selfishly mention that after the win over Mexico I pointed out that Maradona needed one win over genuine opposition before I changed my opinion of him. He didn’t get it, so he is still a rubbish manager and totally unable to cope when his side are not winning 13-0.