Top five conclusions: Holland 2-1 Brazil

Posted by - July 2, 2010 - Conclusions, Lists, World Cup

1. Brazil make great winners and really bad losers. Their ill-discipline virtually killed off their chances and their decision not to bother defending at all in the last five minutes was embarrassing.

2. If Brazil were going to go out, a Wesley Sneijder header was not where we would have put our money on where the knockout blow was going to come from.

3. Great game for Felipe Melo. Own goal for Holland’s first goal, lost his marker for Wesley Sneijder to score with a free header for the second goal, and then promptly got sent-off.

4. Holland’s creative players – particularly Sneijder and Arjen Robben – deserve credit for out-Braziling Brazil. Their pace and flair put their opponents on the backfoot in the second half and they couldn’t cope.

5. I reckon we can safely conclude that Dunga is available to hire, if you are interested.

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  • Philadelphia Collins

    You watch that 2nd goal, and why isn’t Lucio in the 6 yard box? Why is he marking space? Doesn’t play for Liverpool does he??

  • Martyn

    Brazil make great winners and really bad losers….

    I haven’t forgotten Rivaldo’s farcical play acting at the 2002 World Cup. To me they’ve been a very ‘professional’ outfit for quite a few years. It’s a shame because they have so much natural talent but I for one won’t be crying over their exit from this tournament.

  • Joe

    Bye-bye Brazil, you won’t be missed. Your diving, cheating, and ridiculous belief that you are entitled to win blight every tournament you’re in.

    What will John Harkes have to gush about now? Perhaps he could just shut his pie hole and let Ian Darke do the talking.

  • DanielS

    The amount of space given to the Dutch in the 2nd half is unbelievable. Brazil got complacent after a gd 1st half. They underestimated ex-Real Madrid rejects Sneijder & Robben who punished & shocked them.
    If not for the excellent save by the Dutch keeper from a brilliant Kaka’s shot before halftime, Brazil’s story would have been different. You need time & some luck to progress and the Ditch capitalized on Brazil’s defensive lapses & lack of concentration.

  • jill

    Brilliant, they won. Well done Holland or Netherlands.

  • neil

    anyone else notice how Melo escaped a second yellow just before holland’s equaliser?? I bet he wished he got sent off at that point!! they probably wouldve held on to the win!!