Top five conclusions: Paraguay 0-1 Spain

Posted by - July 3, 2010 - Conclusions, Football videos, World Cup

1. Congratulations to the goalscorer, Left Post. To be fair, Right Post has to take a lot of credit for the assist.

2. Welcome to crazy penalty land, where there’s no consistency over encroaching into the area, stonewall penalties are turned down and borderline penalties are given. And that’s just in the space of a few minutes.

3. Given that this seems to be the World Cup of giantkilling Spain should probably be pleased just to get through, but they were not exactly impressive this evening.

4. I reckon Japan can claim a little share of that victory. Paraguay were absolutely out on their feet for the last 20 minutes.

5. There was some fouls in that match that were just beyond belief. Like Sergio Ramos’ near decapitation, and Gerard Pique thinking he could dislocate Oscar Cardozo’s elbow without conceding a penalty.

Video via 101GG