Video: Diego Mardona storms out of press conference because he thinks Thomas Mueller is a ball boy

Posted by - July 3, 2010 - Football videos, Germany, Oddballs, World Cup

Crazy Diego’s history with current Germany squad

If Germany have been stoking the flames with Argentina this week, then Diego Maradona and his men are certainly no angels. The Argentinian coach was winding up his quarter-final opponents as far back as March when he stormed out of a press conference with Germany’s Thomas Mueller, demanding to know why he had been billed alongside a ball boy.

Maradona only returned to the podium to complete the press conference when the Bayern Munich youngster had been ushered away. He half-heartedly explains that he thought the press conference was for coaches, not players, and later joked that he thought the ball boy had turned up.

  • OmegaSupreme

    He’s not funny, he’s a cheating little prick.

  • Vicky

    now the ballboy stab the knife into Maradone’s heart when he scored the FIRST goal against argentina. oh boy, don’t you just love the sweet revenge?