Video: Jorge Fucile nearly breaks his neck (Uruguay v Ghana)

Posted by - July 3, 2010 - Football videos, World Cup

Thankfully, the Uruguay-Ghana match turned out to be a fantastic football spectacle. But for a horrible few minutes it looked like it was going to be remembered for something much less welcome.

Uruguay’s Jorge Fucile fell very awkwardly after being backed into by Ghana’s Samuel Inkoom while he happened to be about 4ft off the ground. The defender smacked down on his head and shoulder, appearing to lose consciousness and causing panic among his team-mates and the officials (Inkoom didn’t seem overly bothered).

A groggy-looking Fucile was able to resume play a few minutes later, but not before broadcasters had cut to a long-shot of the stadium amid fears they were showing endless slo-mo replays of a very serious injury.

Video via Dirty Tackle