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Video: Michael Essien makes a child cry

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  • Farty Foulke

    The usual contentious and irresponsible headline – no wonder fansites have such a bad reputation.

    Hope this one gets closed down soon.

    No loss.

  • Rob

    Yes, the headline should have read,” Michael Essien hits a left foot shot during a pre game warm up with Crystal Palace and accidently hits a kid in the face then goes to console him.” Much better

  • Seb

    Crap headline. Should be essien Accidently hits kids in face .

  • Alex Fowler

    Shit story. fuck off you pricks

  • Rob

    I forgot to add, “While wearing the new Nike Fifa World cup 2010 boot, in Chelsea’s new Adidas training shirt”
    come on Alex and Farty, have a bit of humour, this site isn’t pretending to be the BBC or Guardian, take it easy.

  • Stewie

    i dont blame the guy for an eye-catching title… but at least spare Essien some dignity, he’s been through a lot as a player and as a son..

  • Tony

    Awful disgraceful headline.

    And your byline is even worse.

    You dont even tell the full story about hoe devastated he was, and how he immediately called over the club doctor and other first aid.

    I hope you get your site shut down, and both he and the footbal club sue you for damages.

  • Joe

    Some folks really need to take a pill.
    I’ve read this site for a good while, and I don’t believe that it’s supposed to be taken 100% seriously. I thought the frequent pictures of Fabio Capello sunbathing would have given that away, but maybe not.

  • Ben

    Great find Rob, keep up the good work.

  • MOUF

    Looked like Essien handled it well. Great goal in the game. There is a reason I really like this guy. He is a good dude