Video: Paul the psychic octopus predicts Spain victory against Germany

Posted by - July 7, 2010 - Football videos, Oddballs, World Cup

Backing Spain could make you squids in

Paul the octopus, who has correctly predicted all of Germany’s World Cup results so far, has picked Spain as the winners of tonight’s World Cup semi-final.

The tentacled oracle is given two jars by staff at his aquarium in Oberhausen – one with the Germany flag and one with the flag of their opponents – each containing a mussel. Before every match so far, Paul has chosen to dine in the Germany jar, except before their defeat to Serbia when he ate from the Serb jar.

But the two countries involved hold bad memories for Paul. One of his most embarrassing predictions to date came during Euro 2008 when he picked Germany to beat Spain in the final. The Spaniards emerged 1-0 winners.

Do you reckon Paul’s got this one right?

  • Juan

    Paul the octopus knows what he’s talking about. Spain won :)