Ashley Cole’s image problem

Posted by - August 21, 2010 - Chelsea, Premier League

Chelsea’s PR masterplan doomed

Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck says that, with the clubs help, they can go about ‘improving’ Ashley Cole’s image in an attempt to prevent the England full-back from reuniting with former Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho at Real Madrid.

That will have to be some PR plan to restore Cole’s image to parity and certainly better than the latest bit of PR from Mr Buck, in which he described Liverpool as a ‘smallish club, north of the M25’.

At best, this can only be described as disrespectful to the most decorated club in British football history and certainly did nothing for the ‘image’ of Chelsea Football Club.

Indeed, it is difficult to find a reason to like Ashley Cole. Yes, he is a terrific footballer and in my opinion the best left back in the world; but whether you dislike him for cheating on his wife, calling Arsenal’s offer of £55,000 a week an ‘insult’, his dislike of England fans or the fact he said he would rather win the FA Cup for Chelsea than the World Cup for England, it is difficult to see public perception of Cole changing anytime soon.

Good luck, Mr Buck.

  • damien

    what a pointless article. what doesn’t help ashley cole’s image is no-good wannabe journalists pointing out and reminding everyone the media hate against ashley cole. we as a country are lucky to have the best player in a certain position which is much more than we can say for the rest of the england team and the media and everyone hating mr cole are on the verge of ruining that player. our national team is not in the best state at the moment, why would you want to make it worse? idiot.

  • neil

    Damian, hoh dare you?!

    I wanted to be the first person to insult this completely pointless article!

  • Leo

    OTP is getting shittier by the minute