Cardiff face winding up order over unpaid transfer fee worth four weeks of Craig Bellamy’s wages

Posted by - August 18, 2010 - Championship, Manchester City, Scotland, Transfer News and Gossip

Motherwell would like to know how Man City striker jumped queue
Craig Bellamy

Cardiff City have been threatened with court action and a possible winding-up order by Scottish side Motherwell over an unpaid transfer fee.

Well claim the Bluebirds owe £175,000 from Paul Quinn’s move south last year. So they were understandably disgruntled when they found out the Welsh club had agreed a loan deal for Craig Bellamy which will see them pay half of his £90,000 a week wages.

Chairman John Boyle said: “We’ve had no alternative but to take legal action. We’ll consider a winding-up order or simply send bailiffs to their ground on a home match and collect our cash.

“It is absolutely ridiculous that they’re splashing money all round the place and can’t even pay last year’s debts.”

Financial mismanagement? At Cardiff? Their fans will be absolutely flabbergasted.

  • Andrew Field(MCFC)

    I think it shows a total lack of respect to Motherwell FC that Cardiff can’t afford to pay a debt yet still manage to lure a top flight player to aid them in a push for promotion.

    Maybe the bailiffs should repossess Craig Bellamy and wing him up to Motherwell!
    Good luck to you in your plight.

  • Neil

    Andrew I like your thinking! But I would suggest forcing Bellamy to pay Motherwell 45000 squids a week until it’s cleared! That’d get him fierce angry, thus making him angrier than he has ever been, thus creating some exciting news for offthepost!

  • Andrew Field(MCFC)

    Neil that’s even better and he is pretty angry for a little bloke.