‘Do Are Ya? Is Gareth Bale channelling the spirit of Elvis?

Posted by - August 24, 2010 - 'Do Are Ya?, Premier League, Tottenham

The King is dead… No, hang on, he’s alive and well in N17

Gareth Bale’s brace at Stoke, including an early contender for goal of the season (no, not his first effort), naturally put him squarely in the spotlight for the post-match telly interviews.

But while there’s no doubting the talent in the boy’s left peg, equally noticeable is the transformation this season of Bale’s tousled locks into an Elvis quiff – and it looks like it’s growing with each passing interview.

Bale’s hairstyle in previous seasons has focused on trying to hide his considerably sizeable ears (he failed), but now it appears he’s trying to add his name to the list long list of dodgy Premier League barnets that bloggers turn to on slow news days.

He’s caught in a(n offside) trap, etc.

  • Leo the lion

    Ha ha Brilliant headline!
    Good work monsier

  • RM

    “it looks like it’s growing with each passing interview”


  • Neil

    “it looks like it’s growing with each passing interview”

    Hair tends to do that……

    It was a good idea to bring back a “do are ya?!”… Pity you didn’t actually pick a strange hairstyle.
    It looks pretty regular to be honest!