Hard Tackle: Dirty Alan Smith grooms Javier Hernandez

Posted by - August 19, 2010 - Hard Tackle, Manchester United, Newcastle United

Ooh, that’s a lovely shampoo
Alan Smith and Javier Hernandez

We have just spotted this photo from Monday night’s Premier League clash between Manchester United and Newcastle United. And once we had finished vomiting in our mouths a little, we knew we had to share it with you.

Dirty old Alan Smith attempts to groom his very own Little Pea. Javier Hernandez looks distressed, and who could blame him with Smudger standing a bit too close with one hand on his shoulder and the other stroking his hair. The closed eyes really sets this off!

  • Neil

    He’s trying to remember what it feels like to be a United player!

    Also, “Chamoions League”?… This post was written a bit too early for you, Rob!haha

  • http://www.offthepost.info Rob Parker

    Oops. More sleep required.

  • kathmcp

    Oh dear…if only he didn’t look like he was sniffing Hernandez. Its the sniffing thats the worst bit.

  • Neil

    Also, the look of horror on Hernandez’s face speaks volumes…

  • http://www.comparefootballbettingodds.co.uk shina willson

    @Rob Parker –ya… sleep required…;-)
    Well itsss… a nicee blog.. intresting…

  • bilby

    Alan Sniff 🙁