Jose Mourinho already has one award tied up

Posted by - August 25, 2010 - Manchester City, Quotes

Next up, the ‘Americans don’t get it’ Award for Irony…

Firstly to the calendar… not April 1. Check.

Jose Mourinho is a man with an ego, this we know. We are also aware that he does not appreciate not getting his own way. However, is this any excuse for the hypocritical guff he spouted yesterday?

He said: “I understand that if someone wants to compete with them for a player it is very difficult. They are dominant in the market. The player they say they want is the player they get.”

In a statement that could have been perfected for Chelsea (Jose’s old club) or Real Madrid (Jose’s current), this was his reaction to losing out on Aleksander Kolarov to Manchester City.

I guess Jose is losing sleep over having a squad of twenty-three outfield players with combined transfer fees of £430million.

Sometimes an intake of breath is better than words!

  • Linn

    he’s playing too much mind games, on the other hand, he’s very good tactical master.
    I am a big fan of Man Utd, but credit goes to him.. he manipulated everything and everyone fell into it LOL