Manchester City v Liverpool: A curmudgeon’s preview

Posted by - August 21, 2010 - Liverpool, Manchester City, Predictions

Early must-win game for both clubs

Maybe I’m becoming disenchanted with the whole Premier League. I can’t believe I waited so long for this crap to start and I’m already really annoyed. Actually, I think I’m just annoyed with Manchester City but that’s a story for another time.

Looking down the fixture list this weekend, I groaned noticing that the only half way interesting match is stupid City v bleedin’ Liverpool. Ugh.

It still blows my mind that in the not too distant past, this would have been one of Liverpool’s many ‘dropped easy points’ that kept them from the Premier League title and now it’s a match that will show how serious they are about qualifying for the Champions League.

Let’s take a look at both teams:

Annoying but only as annoying as Liverpool ever are – ownership drama, complaining about not having money or players despite having a very expensive bench and shopping big money signings out on loan. Most importantly though, Joe Cole is starting the first game of his suspension for the red card he picked up last week. This will hurt Liverpool more than any boardroom antics and loaning Aquilani will.

Manchester City
What’s worse than Annoying? ‘City’ may become my new word for that. The treatment of Craig Bellamy, Stephen Ireland, and Shay Given, all within the past seven days, has left me pulling my hair out in distress. Their starting XI has played one game together and Mario Balotelli the most super of their superstar new signings hurt his knee in the Europa League this week.

Liverpool obviously have a more cohesive team spirit than a newly formed squad of 11 highly paid (don’t say the M word) most of whom are chasing a pay cheque. One year on, Liverpool have still not solved the problem of the Xabi Alonso-shaped hole in their midfield. City will be able to exploit that and Tevez and Silva (with Milner in support) should be a real threat to Liverpool’s defence. Especially if Pepe Reina has another horrendous day in goal.

Conclusion: Blackburn against Birmingham will have way more goals and excitement than this tedious 1-0 win to City (Adebayor scoring off the bench at 75).

  • Nick LFCcy

    Worst article ever!

  • neil

    It just seems to be a rant! Why waste your time writing that?

  • Melon Man

    Congratulations at being upfront about your anti-City bias, not many other journo’s have the nuts to do that, and as a City fan, I’d rather they did so we all know where we stand.

    Also very pleased to see your dislike of the ‘Pool, they too are like mild toothache to watch/ even read about.

    Keep up the good work, I shall continue to follow your hypocrisy-free scribblings, safe in the knowledge you are coming from a true footy fan’s perspective – wildly one-sided!

    Might I suggest your next diatribe be entitled “How Spuds are destroying football by their relentless pursuit of ageing French defenders over young English talent”, based around the fact that none of the Spuds team actually came ‘thru their academy.

    Stick it to ’em for me.

  • Sparky

    City just show what every one thinks, footballers are disgusting greedy commodities of disgusting billionaires. Has money improved football or has science?

  • ChrissMari Rockwell

    Melon Man: I’m a long time City Fan. I’m just annoyed.

  • Charlie Sedarka

    I don’t think Liverpool have the “cohesive team spirit” you describe. There’s still too much standing around waiting for somebody to do something. I see no reason why City shouldn’t win this one easily.

  • Famous_Kopite

    Pepe Reina with another horrendous day in goal? Prior to the unlucky mistake he made for Arsenal’s equaliser last week Reina was his typical superb self for us, making 2 fantastic saves from Walcott and Rosicky, do you actually watch football you absolute beaut?

  • Ayoub

    Good thoughts… I must be in a curmudgeonly mood…

    Although, being a Liverpool fan, I’m going for the reverse score with Torres working his magic via a Stevie G pass…

  • George Bouras

    “Stupid City v bleedin’ Liverpool. Ugh”
    United fan by any chance?!

  • Melon Man

    You’re a long term City fan?

    Even better!

    You have astounded all my expectations/ assumptions, as you truly do not write the words I have become used to by City followers.

    Pray tell what the hell is so bad about our current situation that led to this rant?

    Of all the crappy seasons potless and without a cat in hell’s chance of even competing for anything, you take exception to this one!

    Please do explain, I am now about as interested as any man can humanly be as to your perspective and the causes behind it.

    Yours in eager anticipation,


  • Kit Watch

    I hope Liverpool wins or draws this one – but it’s a big hill to climb since Torres STILL isn’t the player he used to be…Joe Cole out and speaking of Joe Cole how many excellent passes / opportunities did he create against the Arse only for Ngo (yes I know he scored) and the like to flub? I hope he (Cole) can raise the bar on quality for Liverpool – Clint Dempsey would be a nice addition….

    City – maybe by midseason all these superstars will gel and make a good team – because so far (Spurs game comes to mind) they’ve been bossed!

    Up the REDS!

  • Tommy Lad

    Well I am afraid you’ll be wrong. Liverpool 2 City 0. I think the team like Hodgson and Reina played very well during the Arsenal match and got one unlucky moment despite a very good game prior to that moment. I just think Liverpool’s squad is more cohesive right now than City’s and more united in the lockeroom too I suspect. Yep I see a Liverpool win.

  • Tommy Lad

    Well I am afraid you’ll be wrong. Liverpool 2 City 0. I think the team like Hodgson and Reina played very well during the Arsenal match and got one unlucky moment despite a very good game prior to that moment. I just think Liverpool’s squad is more cohesive right now than City’s and more united in the lockeroom too I suspect. Yep I see a Liverpool win.

  • Geoff Burgess

    I am sick of people moaning about City’s current spending and to hear this from a long term City fan drives me to despair.

    Other clubs have been spending money like water for decades; Blackburn bought the title in 95, Chelsea have bought multiple trophies over the last few years, Liverpool have been happy to spend ridiculous money for little return, 9 years ago Juventus paid over 30 million for a goalkeeper, again 9 years ago Real Madrid paid £70 million for Zidane, 10 years ago Real paid over £35 million for Luis Figo, etc., etc., but when City get the opportunity to spend Galactico money they are deemed by many as ruining football!

    What was so bad about City’s treatment of Bellamy, Ireland and Given. The manager has decided that Joe Hart is a better long term keeper, he can’t pick 2 goalkeepers so one has to be dropped, what is wrong with that? The club have agreed to pay 75% of Bellamy’s wages which has allowed him to play for his hometown club. Mancini prefers Milner to Ireland, but has allowed Superman to ply his trade at another club instead of letting him rot on the bench. Football is a harsh world; if Mancini doesn’t achieve this season he will be sacked (rightly or wrongly). He won’t be given another chance if he’s a nice guy to players that have done well in the past.

    The “glory days” of football are gone, get over it. There is no chance of achieving success with a team of local boys and some cheap purchases. To anyone who is not happy to follow the game with the current level of spending, then please remember that there are plenty of levels of football with little or no spending.

    Personally I would love it if City could finally win another trophy and I’m not naive enough to think that it can be done without spending significant money.

  • Tommy Lad

    You’ve got a point there Geoff.

  • Julie O. Ford

    I try hard to get rid of my garbage responsibly but it is usually hard to stay motivated whenever I observe just what some other countries are doing to the planet!